Get the career advancement in CORPORATE & NON-PROFIT that you deserve in just 6 weeks!

  • Articulate a clear leadership message that ATTRACTS career opportunities to you!

  • Exhibit a leadership presence that builds TRUST & CONFIDENCE and converts to leveraging relationships.

  • Establish yourself as a pillar leader!

Advancing in your career can be exhausting and time consuming

Long hours searching for jobs. Longer hours applying for the jobs (in your organization or a new one). Customizing your letterhead. All this effort to either not make it through the first round, or even worse not get the job at all.  And doing this over and over again only to hear, “we decided to go in another direction” or “it’s just not a right fit at this time”.

Our clients say...


Chief Academic Officer

Common Causes That Block Your Promotion

  • ​Your leadership messaging doesn’t communicate the right leadership skills.


  • You think you are communicating your highest skills, but you are actually turning off your audience.


  • Your leadership style lacks clarity to have impact and influence in the job.


  • You have subconsciously convinced yourself that you are not good enough.


  • You talk about yourself too much without actually talking about your leadership.


  • You haven’t taken the time to actually think about how your core values align with the job role.

​There is a better way!



The Outlier Leader provides executive coaching to CORPORTE & NON-PROFIT leaders in all industries to stand out from the crowd. If your goal is to advance your career or promote to higher levels of leadership, we have a proven process for leaders with integrity that elevates your leadership message and presence within 6 weeks.

Live out your excellence

Increase your income

Expand your impact and influence in your industry

All the Essentials of the Program

  • Investing In Yourself - Mindset Prep

    Crush your self-limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in the middle or at the bottom

  • Your Core Values

    Understand deeply why you are seeking career advancement, more than money and a title

  • Your Authority and North Star

    Drive change in yourself by applying change management principles to define your authority

  • Flip the Script

    Shift your thinking to influence your communication

  • Ask Powerful Questions

    Deepen and Stretch Your Acumen - Communicate as a Systems Thinker 

  • Your Next Critical Conversation

    Blend all 3 skills with ease, in 7 simple steps

Want to go deeper?

​Why join The Outlier?

Our team will guide you hands-on through the strategic and emotional shifts required for you to become the leader you dream of. Get measurable growth in 6 week by getting executive coaching and support, not just information and resources.

  • Increase your income

  • Expand your level of influence

  • Deepen your impact

  • Improve your quality of life

  • Increase your confidence

  • Align your communication with your skills

Does the Outlier Program 

really work?



Yes, Brandi is my wife. And she loved me enough to make me a client, which means no sugar coating or special treatment. I am blessed to have her at my disposal anytime, but when you ask for help, she means business. It’s what I love about her and why she has transformed the leadership of so many, including myself. She makes a deep investment and commitment to the success of others, like I’d never seen before. 


Assistant Principal

"As a white woman educator, Brandi has supported me to lead with equity by understanding my privilege, my leadership presence and my leadership voice. She helped me to understand how my blindness was impeding my impact, even though I am a highly skilled educator and leader. Brandi’s work on my core values, goal setting and building professional relationships has been one of the transformative pieces of my leadership.

Brandi has a finesse and grace to her coaching, with clear accountability and support, that would benefit any leader!"


Principal Supervisor

"Brandi’s coaching challenged me to think deeply about leadership. Any educational leader who must provide leadership within the context of a difficult structure or time of transition will benefit from Brandi’s expertise and insights. Brandi is flexible, relational and trustworthy. You can discuss the context of your leadership landscape, and she will share meaningful coaching tools and strategies applicable to your scenario. She will provide meaningful actionable feedback on which you can take immediate action.”



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  • Live your best life in 6 weeks



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